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Default Detect Leaks with UV Flashlight

Tank007 UV flashlight can check the leaks in air conditioner and other fluid systems.

As is known to all, it is hard to find the tiny leaks in the fluid systems, for example, in the air conditioner, or the similar systems. To find such leaks, we need to use some special tools. Here, I would like to introduce a helpful tool to you: Tank007 UV flashlight .

Fluorescent leak detection can be a quick, easy, safe and accurate way to find all leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration systems and other fluid systems. Add a little fluorescent dyes to fill the air conditioning / refrigeration or industrial fluid system, run the system to make the fluorescent dyes circulate in the system.

Fluorescent agents gather at the leak point along with the refrigerant or fluid in the system. When shot with the UV flashlight, fluorescent agents will look yellow-green. This way can accurately find where the leak lies in. As long as the fluorescent agents are added to the system, it can be check the leaks within several minutes. It may need one or two days if the leaks are too slight. Once the fluorescent agents leak in the system, they are easy to be found with the
black light flashlight.

Fluorescent leak detection method has been proven the best way to detect leaks, even tiniest leaks that leak 3.75ml a year.

Fluorescent leak detection products include four parts:

1, leak detection agents, including air-conditioning, water and the oil leak agent
2, leak detection UV flashlight
3, air conditioning leak detection agent adding means, waterways and oil line leak detection agent do not need this.
4, accessories: including fluorescence enhancement glasses, cleaning agents.


1.Add the fluorescent agents to the air conditioner system, let it circulate in it.
2.Wait two or three hours till the fluorescent agents gathers in the leaks. This process may take longer if the leaks are small.
3. Shine the air conditioner system with Tank007 UV flashlight, where there is yellow-green light, there is a leak.

For the first time t to detect the leaks in air conditioning and refrigeration system, we recommend UV31flashlight. Fluorescent leak detection method is a the only way can accurately find leaks.

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