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Default Tank007 Outdoor Riding flashlights

It is summer now. For cycling lovers, it is a good time to riding at night. As is known to all, when you riding at night, you have to make yourself noticeable and light up your surroundings. In order to achieve this goal, a good way is to carry a flashlight with you. But do you know what flashlight is good for riding at night? Here is a recommendation.

Among various flashlights, Tank007 tactical flashlight can be a good choice. Aluminium alloy shell, cree LED, bright enough, perfect to mount to your bike to ride at night.


1. Metal switch in the head, durable and wearproof.

2. Brightness reaches 350 lumens with CREE XP-G R5 LED

3. End click switch for on/off and head switch for mode selection.

Tips to choose outdoor flashlight for cycling

1. Bright enough. Your flashlight need to be bright enough to light up your surroundings so that you can see clearly what are around you to keep your safety

2. Power saving. You will do not need to carry many batteries if your flashlight is a rechargeable led flashlight

3. Light weight. You will feel the burden added by your EDC flashlight if it is heavy when you ride long journey

4. Waterproof. I do not think you can move on if it rains but your flashlight runs out the battery.

5 Be hard for self-defense. As it is dangerous at night, especially in countryside, it would be better if your powerful flashlight has a attack head so that it can be used as a weapon.

Tank007 flashlight can meet all requirements above, is your best choice.
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