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Default How About Tank007 Flashlight Flashlights Buying Guide

How About Tank007 Flashlight Flashlights Buying Guide

With the development of life, social progress, flashlight is on a new step, gradually developed. But for understanding about flashlight, many people still remain in the initial stages of flashlights, flashlight understanding exists many inadequacies, the following are some common misconceptions said byTank007 people:

A flashlight is only in occasional use, a cheap one is enough

With the development of society, flashlight applications in people's life are more and more widespread, so the flashlight is not just a simple lighting,the brightness, distance, workability, practicality, endurance and so has different needs, a cheap flashlight may no longer be able to meet most of the needs of the flashlight.

Traditional flashlight gradually introduced the stage of history

Second, the more powerful flashlight, the better

I believe many people buy flashlights with this idea, the simple pursuit of brightness, regardless of their actual use of the demand, only concern flashlight lumens this parameter. In fact, this idea is very problematic, for the novice is also misleading to consider the brightness of the flashlight barrel, relationship LED, the circuit between the three, to design reasonable and practical, rather than the blind pursuit of brightness. Simply by increasing the current approach is to increase the brightness of the flashlight, but the attendant problem is that the current increases, resulting in heat flashlight also increased, with the barrel of the flashlight so poorly designed heat can not keep up so LED prolonged use at high temperatures, the circuit may burn out over time, in addition to the flashlight brightness will be more low (this is called bad light).
brightest flashlights

Third, like the extremes?

Here that is divided into two extremes, a human blind pursuit of large non-branded products do not buy this brand, while the other flashlight manufacturers dismissive. In fact, the big brand product quality really good, but now the market environment is more complex, counterfeit products are flooding the cottage, for the novice friends easily fooled. Another extreme only buy low-end goods, cheap, everyone knows "a penny, a half a point," low-end products are often appearance looks fine but their quality, superior materials but cut corners, use the total ball dropped at a critical time . Take the lamp beads, the one imported LED lamp beads price should be 10-20 per month, while some low-end flashlight whole only twenty or thirty dollars, the specific use of feelings can be imagined.

rechargeable flashlight
UV led flashlight
500 lumen flashlight
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