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Default High Power UV LED Flashlight

UV flashlights can detect the mechanical engines lubricating oil,Clothes fluorescent agent, Skin Care products. UV flashlights can also use to detect money and so on.
Today, we are going to talk about the function of detecting the lubricating oil of mechanical engines.

Tank007 UV Flashlights is a convenient and fast detection tool that Shenzhen Grandoor CO. specially develop for the fluorescent leak detection industry. Tank007 UV Detection Flashlights overcome the drawbacks of common UV lights in the market.It can light up at once, without any waiting.It's also easily to detect the tiny leak in a large area of ??high-intensity illumination.

The Principle of Tank007 UV LEd flashlight leak detection:

UV Flashlight is also called "Dark light torch".The Light Source in black light flashlight emits the invisible ultraviolet light, which can activate the fluorescent agents to fluoresce. Then, we can find the leakage of the equipment. It uses the principle that LUYOR fluorescent dyes will emit brightly yellow and green lights under the UV irradiation flashlight. That's how the UV Flashlights are used in various types of systems to detect fluid leakage. When detect, only need to add a certain percentage of fluorescent dyes to the system. Put on the UV protective glasses after the system works for 3-20mins. Then irradiate the outside of the system with Tank007 UV flashlights, the leaks may emit a strong fluorescence. So, we can see the leakage even the smallest one clearly and quickly. Fluorescent leak detection is the only possible method to measure all the air conditioning and the oil , water system leakage preventive and planned maintenance.
The applications of TANK007 UV Flashlights in leak detection industry:

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