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Default I know that simply saying such a thing opens

I can point to Jetpack Joyride as an especially noteworthy disappointment, the Blade & Soul Gold Blade And Soul game having earned high marks from a variety of mainstream gaming outlets, accruing a slew of Mobile Game of the Year awards (we gave em' one). It's not that Jetpack Joyride isn't fun, but having seen such incredible praise I expected a whole lot more than what was delivered: a simplistic one-button outing useful for wasting time waiting in the hallway outside of a small claims courtroom, nothing more complex than that Helicopter game me and my classmates used to play during High School computer class. Is this really the best the iPhone has to offer? Are our expectations for mobile Blade And Soul games so low that dinky little flash clones are worthy of our top accolades?Everytime I snapped one of these screenshots, I died. You're welcome.This is why I'm shunning my fellow gaming journalists and embracing Do-Don-Pachi Blissful Death as my new favorite iOS title, a beautiful little bout of bullet hell for people who aren't afraid to play a real video game on their cellular device. I know that simply saying such a thing opens me up to scorn, as it's an almost masturbatory gesture to heap praise upon a nichegenre, like the Pitchfork reviewer who calls the latest Radiohead outing trash while extolling the BNS Item brilliance of 18-time Grammy Award winning Polka artist Jimmy Sturr.
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