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Default FarmVille are the number one

Monthly active users shrank from 253 million to 123 million in the comparable period.Revenues decreased accordingly: They were down 36 percent year on year to $168 million. Of note, its biggest Runescape games haven't changed: FarmVille 2, Zynga Poker, and FarmVille are the number one,runescape gold two, and three earners, as they were a year ago.This alongside a hefty restructuring charge of $30 million as the company reshapes the way it does business, including jettisoning some data centers led to a net loss of $61 million for the first quarter of 2014. Candy Crush Saga developer King has opened an office in Tokyo, Japan in order to localize King mobile Runescape games for the Japanese market. The news comes courtesy of a blog post published by industry veteran Dr. Serkan Toto. Toto cites a CNet Japan interview with Ken Edahiro, the new general manager of King Japan, in which Edahiro claims that King's Japan office its 10th so far exists to localize King Runescape games for the lucrative Japanese mobile market and potentially develop new Runescape games specifically for the Japanese market down the line.This is the first new office King has opened since its anemic IPO last month. RS 3 Gold King isn't the first foreign game developer to make major inroads on the Japanese mobile market Supercell launched Clash of Clans in Japan last summer alongside cross promotion from Puzzle Dragons developer GungHo, which later purchased a majority stake in Supercell.Toto also points out that Japan is one of the few places in the world where mobile Runescape games are advertised on television, and King is taking pains to fit in by running what Toto describes as "cool, funny and dark" TV ads for the Japanese version of Candy Crush Saga featuring contemporary Japanese celebrities. We've taken the liberty of embedding one of the most recent ads starring actor Kenichi Endo and V6 boy band member Junichi Okada above.Image courtesy of Gamasutra EIC Kris Graft Long running browser based social game YoVille has been granted a stay of execution by Zynga, who announced an agreement today to transfer the Runescape game to Big Viking Runescape games despite promising to shutter the project earlier this year.the Runescape game will be rebranded YoWorld and transferred complete with all user profiles and game history to Big Viking Runescape games by May 11th. Zynga is allowing Runescape players to withhold their account information from the transfer by filling out a form by May 9th.It's a homecoming of sorts Big Viking Runescape games is the studio previously known as Tall Tree Runescape games, who launched YoVille in 2008 and sold the Runescape game to Zynga shortly thereafter. By reassuming control of their game in the face of its impending demise, Big Viking seems to be adopting an approach similar to RockYou's new "rerun" strategy of rescuing Runescape games that other publishers don't want in the hope of continuing to operate and monetize them past their peak popularity. Today, Apple announced its results for second quarter 2014 which saw revenues of $45.6 billion and net profit of $10.2 billion for that period, a jump from revenue of $43.6 billion and net profit of $9.5 billion year over year.iPhone sales jumped up 17 percent year over year, to 43.7 million. On the other hand, iPad sales slipped 16 percent, to 16.35 million for the same period. As reported by Re code, CEO Tim Cook said on the company's earnings call that this can be attributed to reduced inventory and a lack of "a substantial backlog of iPad mini demand" this year as compared to last year. Notably, iTunes software and services revenues jumped up 11 percent in terms of revenue year over year, too some unspecified slice of that, of course, is Runescape games. And while the company has yet to release a version of its Apple TV device that can natively play Runescape games, it's becoming more important to the company. The company has sold "about 20 million" devices so far, Re code reports, and when questioned about it, Cook highlighted its increased success as a content delivery device. Of course, it now faces competition from Amazon's Fire TV which supports Runescape games via a dedicated PlayStation style controller as well as Runescape games made by an in house studio. As first reported by MacRumors and verified by Gamasutra, Apple has taken steps to better highlight Runescape games and other apps that offer in app purchases with a new IAP label that appears in the App Store charts and lists. Apple added a small "Offers In App Purchases" disclosure statement to the individual store pages of IAP capable apps last March, but today's iOS update version 7.1.1 adds a similar "In App Purchases" disclaimer to those apps when they appear on the Apple App Store category pages and Top Charts lists. The image above is taken from the Top Grossing list on the App Store. Since many iOS users find new apps for either themselves or their family members by checking those lists and category pages, it seems likely that Apple has quietly appended these IAP labels in an effort to minimize those users' opportunities to complain about being charged for IAP without the "informed consent" of the account holder. Back in January, Apple agreed to pay up to $32.5 million in refunds to any Apple account holder who could prove they were billed for in app purchases made by children without their knowledge or consent. Punch Quest creator Rocketcat Runescape games launched its action adventure game Wayward Souls on Apple's App Store for $5 today, but there's a catch the price will increase by $1 every time the developer releases a major content update for the Runescape game.Rocketcat co founder Kepa Auwae reportedly told The Verge that the novel pricing structure is "an experiment to see how each price point works" in the mobile market, which is dominated by free to play Runescape games monetized by in app purchases.That free to play model infamously proved a financial failure when it was applied to Punch Quest, and Rocketcat decided to slap a price tag on the Runescape game a month after it was released. While plenty of Runescape games are released early at a discounted price and gradually get more expensive as their creators add more content the alpha versions ofMinecraft and The Castle Doctrine immediately spring to mind Rocketcat's approach seems far more novel. It's much akin to the way KnapNok gradually increased the price of its Wii U eShop party game Spin the Bottle last year, bumping up the price of the Runescape game alongside each major content update. "We'll probably shoot for $8 10, that'll put it at the price of the expanded PC edition," Auwae told Gamasutra when reached for comment about whether or not Rocketcat has a 'price cap' in mind for Wayward Souls. "There's the FTL reasoning of 'it's the same game on all platforms,' but FTL got away with that because it was a port of a popular PC game, not an iOS native game. Huge difference in perceptions there.""Really, Wayward Souls has to get above $6. If super minimalistic Runescape games sell for $3 4 now, it seems like a huge game should be more than a few dollars. I don't think our Runescape games will be sustainable anymore unless the price point goes up," continued Auwae. "Then again, I think every other developer on iOS has learned that minimalist Runescape games are the only Runescape games that survive on there." What are the tastes, backgrounds and experience of some of the biggest decision makers at major console companies? Developer and senior contributor Brandon Sheffield inquires, starting with PlayStation's Adam Boyes.In the early days of the indie resurgence, the big publishers were still figuring out what to do with us. It was a bit of a Wild West of publishing agreements, with business models up to debate, and decisions made by large committee. Things have settled down a bit now though things are sometimes still done that way , and now all the big three console makers have a representative they put in front of the indie crowd. There's Adam Boyes, leading Sony's initiative, Chris Charla, who heads ID Xbox, and Dan Adelman, who is Nintendo's indie evangelist. Collectively, they're the face of the indie console space.
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