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Default material properties and behaviors of particles

We are seeking talented individuals with a can do spirit, the kind of people who can see the vision and figure out the best way to get there, while building a strong team and a great company. MMOs are the hardest form of computer game to build and we know it. For that reason we're particularly interested in applicants who have worked on an MMO that was actually shipped and operated as a live game.Knowledge of the Pathfinder intellectual property is a plus but not a requirement. A history as a tabletop hobby Runescape gamer is also a plus, not a requirement.Relocation will be required. You must be able to legally work full time in the United States. Goblinworks is an equal opportunity employer.Candidate must present a portfolio of work showing their skill at using particle effects and shader effects in a 3D engine.ResponsibilitiesCreate interesting visual effects for 3D graphic assets.Recommend middleware to implement those systems.Document, create, manage, and deliver a pipeline of visual FX content for the Runescape game.RequirementsPrior experience working with a shipped videogame title.High degree of experience with C, C++.Ability to clearly communicate needs and processes to artists and programmers.Applicants must demonstrate understanding of particle systems and post process effects. as used in current generation Runescape games.Ability to create high quality 2D source assets for particle systems.Understanding of basic physics, material properties and behaviors of particles.Understanding of rs 07 gold runtime engine performance concerns and optimization techniques for effects.A minimum of two years of prior game development experience.Ideal ExperiencePrior experience working on an MMO operating in a live environment in the past 5 years.BenefitsA chance to get hired for a full time ongoing position with an exciting startup.Get your work seen quickly we're on a very, very fast timeline to launch!Interested? Apply now.Looking for a new job? Get started here. Are you a recruiter looking for talent? Post jobs here. Newsbrief: Back in 2012, German free to play studio FlareRunescape games received more than $10 million in funding for its first round of mobile Runescape games.
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