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Default the efficiency of Stoke City is quite high

The first is the judgment Cech made a mistake, and fifa 16 coins secondly in the attack when Cech intend Ramirez and Mikel somewhat blocked in front of Cech's body, so that Cech could not attack the first time. 50 minutes, Walters breakthrough Tahouneiqie ball, the Irish penalty area line position rub shot far corner, the ball hit the post bomb net nest, beyond the reach of Cech. The key is that the ball could not withstand tower Walters. In fact, the recent abandonment Mourinho Ashley - Cole choose tower so many people can not read, of course tower on performance and Ashley - Cole and there is not much difference, But do not forget, Ashley - Cole nickname gate line of the Angels, which explains his experience and ability to make the prevention and defense, and at this point tower still lack a lot. If the first two balls have a defense problem, then finally a clean sheet and that is the midfield vacuum. As we all know, in Mourinho's 1.0 times, the Blues most proud of is their midfield. Makelele then assembled a young age Frank Lampard, Michael Essien, Ballack and other world-class midfielder. But now, in addition to midfielder Mikel fact, no real sense of, or demoted to a young man as versatile midfielder Frank Lampard. But in fact, the FIFA game data analysis, the gap is not large, and even can be said that the efficiency of Stoke City is quite high. Match Stoke only 8 shots had three FIFA 16 goals, scoring rate reached 40%. In contrast Chelsea, 12 shots into 2 balls, the midfield of possession and passing success rates are dominant, but that the defense in the backcourt too many mistakes, give the opponent the opportunity. Over the past 11 FIFA games just one game to keep clean the body, in this era of Chelsea 1.0 is completely unthinkable. But back to reality, now Chelsea is still in the stage of the replacement of old, and not go far enough. Basically completed in front of Warcraft Drogba's generation farewell, Azar, Mata, Oscar play the leading role. Midfielder Ramires firmly secured the main, but his organizational skills and defensive ability is not enough to support the operation of the Chelsea midfielder. While Mikel is pure blue-collar, only Frank Lampard have the ability to dispatching, but Frank Lampard has been 35 years old, no longer young. Also in the defense, Terry league attendance this season, but he has nearly 34 years, and then not comparable. Ashley - Cole, Michael Essien, Petr Cech and many other honors, and the FIFA ultimate team had to create a brilliant ut coins players are getting older.
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